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Linn and Ketty Andresson portrait


This small family company consists of me, Linn, and my mother Ketty. We live in Luleå, in Sweden’s Lapland and it is here we are making the jewelleries. We started to make them as a fun thing to do together in the summer of 2021.

In the spring, we plant the flowers in our greenhouses and gardens. We are also picking a lot of flowers in the forest. After a few months when the flowers are as most colourful we press them for 30 days. After that we make them into jewelleries. A long but fun and interesting process.

In the autumn, the same year, after several friends and family members said to us “You need to try to sell them!!! “ we decided to give it a try! We booked a spot in an exhibition. We were so nervous so we barely slept the night before! But luckily the exhibition went well and it gave us the confidence to continue.

We are doing this full time now and for that we have you to thank. We really enjoy making flower jewelleries. To make the flowers stay colourful and forever “alive”. We feel honoured that we can offer you and your loved ones to carry a piece of nature with you.

Mum and daughter together.

// Linn & Ketty Andersson


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